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Prodeaf Móvel

Your free Brazilian Sign Language translation app

Prodeaf Celular

Prodeaf is a software for translating text and voice to Portuguese Libras - Brazilian Sign Language, with the goal of improving communication between the deaf and hearing.



"I´d like to congratulate Prodeaf for their hard work, and I believe that their software should be included in Brazilian schools, as well as in teacher training geared to promoting inclusion. I use the application on my tablet and I am communicating better than ever with my deaf student."

Mônica Padilha, School Resource Coordinator (SP)

"I´m a doctor and I´ve been using Prodeaf to communicate with my deaf pacient. It´s been one of the most amazing experiences that my iPhone brought me. Congrats to the developers."

Diogo Azevedo, M.D. (GO)

"Today the tool is 100% developed and certainly bridges the communication gap with the deaf community. Two factors were crucial to the successful implementation: the first is that the technology and made translation processes are very high quality; second, the company's responsiveness to meet our demands were outstanding throughout the work. It was amazing to see the social impact that they helped foster within our company throughout our collaboration. No one can question that we are continually improving the Bradesco brand to have a positive impact on society."

Bruno Brasil, Project Manager at Bradesco Seguros (RJ)

"As a teacher, I´ve specialized in Brazilian sign language and I also have a deaf son. The ProDeaf Móvel app has improved my experiences communicating with the deaf community, as well as as a language researcher, with quick and easy access. My son and I die of laughter as the 3D-puppet translator "kills mosquitos" on my cell phone. Thank you, ProDeaf organizers."

Jaqueline Brito, Teacher(PB)