ProDeaf is a set of software that translates text and voice to Portuguese Libras - Brazilian Sign Language - in order to allow communication between the deaf and hearing. Our solutions are designed to allow businesses to promote accessibility and social inclusion to their customers and employees.

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The communication barrier

According to the IBGE 2010 Census, there are over 10 million deaf individuals in Brazil, most of whom use Brazilian Sign Language as their lingua franca and many of whom have just a basic knowledge of Portuguese. As such, it is important to establish this channel of communication with this large portion of the population through Prodeaf´s software.

Brazilian Sign Language - Libras

Brazilian law views Brazilian Sign Language is independent and distinct from Portuguese. Nonetheless, it is the second official language of Brazil, established by Law 10.436 / 2002 and regulated by decrees 5296/2004 and 5626/2005, which require their use as a means of communication and accessibility for the deaf in the country.